Which two stroke oil for my classic motorcycle?

Castrol Classic Oils have a range of lubricants suitable for all types of classic two stroke pre-mix motorcycles. To ensure smooth running and optimum performance from a two stroke engine, it is important to use the correct lubricant.

Your motorcycle handbook will list a manufacturer’s recommendation that is most suitable for your machine. There are several different types of engine oil in our classic range to cover all applications. Click on the links below to find out more about any of these oils:

  • Castor based oil

    • Castrol Power 1 R40 - an sae 40 oil, primarily used in racing and high performance applications

  • Mineral based oil

    • XL30 - an sae 30 oil, used in many veteran and vintage motorcycles and cars

    • XXL40 - an sae 40 oil, recommended for many single and multi-cylinder pre 1970 classic motorcycles. Often specified for engine and gearbox.

    • GP50 - an sae 50 oil, used in pre-1970 motorcycles

  • Semi synthetic oil

    • Castrol Power 1 2T - a semi-synthetic oil for younger classics, featuring Castrol’s unique Clean Burn Formula.

If do not see one of these oils listed in your classic motorcycle handbook, or you require further advice about the correct lubrication, then do not hesitate to contact our technical helpdesk on 01954 231668 or info@classicoils.co.uk

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